18 thoughts on “THE 6PM NEWS TUESDAY 4th FEBRUARY 2020 – EQUINOXE TV”

  1. Politicians are not ashame. Chaii. I am ashame Seing that useless woman preaching those lies about cpdm.chaii Cameroonians why can't you guys be wise fir 37years+ till date. Chaii.i

  2. Seing anglophone singing and praising cpdm today really amazes me for real. Cpdm has been in power for 38years till date without any change added with the number of our brothers and sisters killed by cpdm yet anglophones want to still vote cpdm. Na charm?

  3. Why are black people so dull. Why are anglophones/ francophone Cameroonians soo dull. Cpdm has been in power for 38years till date without any change, we have suffered, no development, killing of anglophones as well as francophones yet you people still want to vote the same cpdm. Is't only cpdm party that is existing in this shithole country

  4. U could not make it to assist your nursing daughter for a medical check but u found strength to come to the hospital at 1pm to look for the stolen baby. Weeeer Cameroon. Where did we go wrong God?

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