The ‘Ambazonia’ Conflict – Security Expert Calls For Dialogue and Negotiation.

8 months ago

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Global Risk International Ltd UK Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Expert David Otto comments on Aljazeera on the need for the Cameroon government to call for a meaningful and inclusive dialogue in the two majority English regions of Cameroon. The call follows the 46th anniversary celebration of the Unification (1972) of the two Cameroons (20th May 2018 ) amidst more than two years of instability and violent clashes between separatist/ federalist and government forces. David Otto calls on the government and the President -Paul Biya to use his high office to promote a dialogue at all cost with the help of the international community (US,UK,France, UN, AU, Pave The Way Foundation, The Church). No government wins a war against its own people.


The Struggle Continues

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