The Anglophone Crisis: A Proposed Way Forward

4 months ago

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#Let’s think together
#The wall may be very tall, but together we can
#This is not the time for indifference
#We should not stop thinking even when no one appears to be listening
#We may know nothing or very little about this crisis, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do what we know
#Let’s stop assuming that our leaders know exactly what to do
#Let’s stop looking elsewhere and start bringing out what we have. We should not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the complexity of this crisis. A single word or a single sentence from you may change things for good. Let’s start collecting the little drops again. We have a chance to tell a good story and it starts now

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Thank you and God bless you

The President of the Republic of Cameroon
The Leaders of the Opposition Political Parties
The Pro-Independence Leaders

My name is Aye Brandon, and I am a secondary school teacher.

Thank you for all your efforts to resolve the current socio-political crisis in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. I am sorry to say this; the efforts so far may not be enough. Complacency should not be given any chance. From the look of things, it is obvious that many sleepless nights still await us. Nonetheless, we have a huge chance to considerably reduce them.

The fact that we have many great minds and are still where we are is enough proof that knowing what we are supposed to do to get out of this situation is not enough, and having good knowledge of History is also not enough.

You; the government, the opposition political parties and the pro-independence party, need one another now more than ever, and you all need the ordinary people, for we only need simple ideas to combine. I think that this is not the time to criticize and to apportion blames.

There are so many good ideas in each and every one of you, but it will only make sense if every party is sincerely willing to listen to what the other party has to say. It may not be good to the ears at first, but with meticulous analysis we may get something good out of it.

We need to be more open-minded. With this, we will understand that knowing what we are supposed to do is not enough. With this, we will understand that being right is not enough. With this, we will understand that assumptions are not enough. We do not know enough yet. We have not heard enough yet. We should continue to listen because a single word, a single sentence can improve our way of looking at things.

We should not use words that would hinder progress. I think that in our case we should not use words like terrorist, enemy and their likes to refer to one another. Using them would make disarmament, dialogue and the other measures proposed so far unreachable. It is alright to use hard facts, but doing so in soft voices will easily be understood. Respect has to come in now. We need it. It will stimulate sound thinking, which will give rise to good words. These words will in turn activate so many minds. It will absorb anger and bitterness.
It will untie many ropes. It is great strength. The situation is undeniably horrible, but there is still a very good way forward.

Everyone should be given a chance to contribute to the resolution of this crisis because almost everyone contributed in bringing us to where we are now. We need to pause and do some assessments. Let us continue to ask the question, Are we really doing enough to get out of this situation? We need to continue to pore over our perspectives.

The person who is internally displaced; the person who is now a refugee; the person with a bandage; the person who is now using crutches; the person whose relative has gone forever; the person whose source of daily bread is no more; the person whose house is no more; the pupil and the student who cannot learn; the teacher who cannot teach, look up to you for an urgent and good way forward.

We should continue to remind ourselves that bullets, hate-speech and their likes have nothing good to offer. We should also continue to remind ourselves of how powerful an honest conversation is. It attracts understanding. Problems are to be attacked and not people.

It is true, that many mistakes have been made; that anger, bitterness and the spirit of revenge loom large; that many people seem to have no sense of direction; that fear and tension have blocked many minds; that many atrocities have been committed, but we should not allow them to hold us back… Twenty seven months are gone and we will never have them back again Let us make the best of the time we have left… We can do better. Thank you and God bless you.


The Struggle Continues

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