12 thoughts on “The Anglophone Strike How Far? – Tapang Ivo Tanku”

  1. Do you want independence or federation? This question can not be answered by one person. Let the people decide. The people of southern Cameroon. Southern Camerronians have the right to self determination and to seek for independence from La Republique du Cameroun whether you agree or not. They should be asked either to vote for secession and leave Cameroun or vote for a federation and continue to stay in Cameroun. This is achievable through a referendum. Yes it is true that Our independence or freedom will not be GIVEN to us. Freedom is not GIVEN. Bluntly speaking, we have to fight for it. Tell me where independence has ever been GIVEN through dialogue or peaceful negotiations. With slavery? No! there was the American civil war before slavery could be abolished. How about American independence? There was American war of independence with Great Britain. How about Cameroun's independence. look up the role and contribution of UPC and Makiza towards Cameroon achieving its independence.
    Freedom is taken or even seized by force. Don't aim low. When we asked for a federation, the spat on our face. The people of Southern Cameroon have a right to self determination. We have an internationally recognized border with La Republique, and what we want is full and complete INDEPENDENCE!!!

  2. I recently heard that the government of Cameroon is trying to infiltrate the English speaking cameroon and attack the French speaking people who live in those areas so that both areas be against each other. Please, y'all, be vigilant and careful now that y'all know about it.

  3. I DO AGREE WITH EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAID BEFORE YOU BROUGH THE USA. That's what I am deeply against with. always magnify or praise the USA… they are super power and then what !!! why are we always relying on foreign country to fix our issues. enough is enough. Sorry but saying the US doesn't have strategic interest in Cameroon shows me that you are ignorant. You really sound like a slave master. all I can hear from your mouth is the US… the US… common !!!!!!!!!! seriously we are sick and tired of that mentality… !!!!

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