The Batibo Saga; Why this Should Never Happen Again!

6 months ago

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Published this 18/12/2018

The killings in Batibo represent an unfortunate setback in this struggle that deserve general condemnation; Nothing in the world can ever justify the taking of lives! This is the time to examine the root causes of this problem and work very hard to ensure it never happens again. We need level heads to chart a way forward! Watch on


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The Struggle Continues

31 thoughts on “The Batibo Saga; Why this Should Never Happen Again!”

  1. U spoke well Sir, but why must it be ADF so against the IG and until to this extend, and let us not forget that the people had obeyed and respected this government in two grand occasions that we all know. Or is it because the acting Leader now is Dr Sako or what. In those two occasions that the people turned out in their numbers to yield to the call of the then president now in the Dictator's dungeon no one condemned the government then. Is the point here actually the government or who is leading the government. Cos it's like if the government should exist in this revolution which of course is not a good thing to do as you said, but I think if headed by Dr Cho Ayaba then there is no problem in it. God help the innocent ones.

  2. Mr JMA you've spoken well, but please tell Ayaba cho the scammer killer and his gang that he has chewed more than he can swallow. He has reduced himself so low to the extent of dancing to the tune of Atanga nji/ Fon Mukete's dream beat bcuz of greed, money mongering. His devilish hidden agenda to sell the struggle to lrc has been exposed. And we gathered from his WhatsApp messages with his slave GZ buffoon so called gen Ivo that Gen Nambere, and Field Marshal/Red dragons are next on line. He has to kill all non ADF fighters in GZ to finish his contract with Atanga nji. He even instructed his buffoon of a general called CIC to use their newly acquired weapons on Field Marshal and the red dragons . Like a joke we all shall sit ,fold our arms and watch the warlord scammer ayaba to destroy our fighters , surrender/sell us all back to lrc just for his own personal greed? Let's assump that he killed this boys bcuz he wanted to recover his so called weapons, what does he wants to recover from the Red dragons after killing them as he is planning? Every move he takes is to finish his contract with Atang Nji, and cash his check. Thk God Almighty who has exposed his evil deeds n plans. The Lebialem community and the Red Dragon are waiting for Mbah Ivo and his ADF ayaba/atanga nji combined forces. Let them step their feet on the soil of Lebialem , and let's see if history will be able to record the result. May God comfort us all in this time of grief, and bless our struggle as we move to Buea.

  3. UN Security council has concluded that the Cameroon regime should dialogue with the leadership of Anglophone. Now who is the leadership of the Anglophone? Is he not in LRC prison? Talking about Ayaba, it is so terrible that he targeted his own people instead of fighting LRC millitary. Ayaba this is to tell you that you are as brutal as Biya regime as you want to be killing your own people.

  4. Ayaba is a very bad man i don't know where that devil comes from and you guys abroad are lukeworm about the situation how can Ambazonians be killing Abazonians..What is that for is that not madness.

  5. Mr mbah, mr mbah, mr mbah, are u still saying that after all of this happenings and merciless killings, that ayaba should still be cooperated with? Mr mbah ur speech still sugest that you are still in bed with ayaba. You are only giving legitimacy to ayaba at the end of the day. As a just man, and if u are truly one, this kind of killings would have made u speaks only about this killings and the monstrosity of ayaba and not include politics in it. Mr mbah, u should have addressed the other issue another day. U cannot talk about talking with ayaba, u should talk about how to kill him and tapang or ivo and his gang if they cant get them. How can u in ur right sense ask anyone to seat on a table with ayaba? Even if a revolutionary counsel is created, will it stop position? Answer me mr john. If the revolutionary leader wouldn't beayaba, would u think it will stop the monstrosity of ayaba and tapang? Stop been naive or are you hypocritical? I thought u would have said let us stop the struggle because that is for now that you guys can stop the killings of the people back home since u cant ask for the heads of the very killers of your own. Why do u want the army of the government killed? U will say because they are killing our people, now what is the difference? Any man that claims to be just must also ask for the killing of ayaba and all his gang. Am i wrong mr john. Anyone that asked for collaboration with ayaba is either an imbecile or is having an evil agenda. U have no right to kill a cameroon soldier until u have killed ayaba and his gang.

  6. JMA, your politics don di fail you. You are still romancing with the devil Ayaba. You don di fight for get power but power di run away from you. If you humble yourself, the people will lift you up. The gas wey you don gas, di smell very bad. Nothing you say now is meaning anything to anyone. Forget it

  7. This is really sad. You are doing your best, John, and I can see the pain in your face. I cannot believe my ears what we are hearing. We are actually executing one another , taking lives as enemies? You see, blood letting is developing and with that there could be an endless cycle of revenge. I don't know why Biya will even bother chasing us. A war of words is one thing, but actually killing people on same side of the struggle is scary, confusing to us donors it is embarrassing!

  8. The fall of humanity is surrounded by one of these three or all of these factors below:
    1) Power
    2) Money
    3) Sex
    Stop looking for the root cause of what happened on GZ by our own (bro Ayaba Cho & his AGC/ADF brands), one of the factors is at work or all of the factors are in play, if u think u can stop him & his brainwashed team by just creating another group as u mentioned (restoration council) without him being the head is just another joke as some people continuously refer to the IG today. However, I'm not a member of the IG neither am I in support of the killings by anyone but for fairness sake & for the glory of ambazonians, anyone who hinders the best things to happen to a common ambazonian should step down… so that the people of ambazonians are set free plssssssssss

  9. Yes I agree with you as you said we can't justify killings of our own no matter what , but one thing we must know is Ayaba/agc/adf are evil very evil now that it concern Ayaba you are not telling us to rise up n condemn but if it were IG or sec Chris we will be hearing rise up n condemn rise up n condemn .there is nothing like going back to the root cause Ayaba is wicked Say it loud let's hear . Call him by his name n condemn him loud as you always do when is Sec Chris . No matter what we will all gv an account one day .

  10. I don’t care who is attacking who’s camp. I am blaming Sako, Chris Anuh, Ayaba Cho, & Ebenezer for any infighting amongst those young boys back home. Their egos to control as lead to a deathly toxic atmosphere amongst the boys.

  11. Ayaba Na langa man and Na LANGA don kill YI so!
    And you lie bro
    Nothing is wrong with the government in place.
    Just give your support to the IG. And denounced Ayaba in the strongest terms you can.
    Will/Shall never be forgiven!

  12. ADF doesn't have the same enemy as you and I ask ayaba cho his business with mukete,atanga nji.Jakuroh you are a man of the terrain when was the last time ADF attacked anything LRC maybe you can't remember it was in a cocoa farm in Kumbo I didn't say kumba

  13. JMA u are a devil . I promise u, we shall know who is who when we get to Buea . We all heard ur audio on the Batibo saga that ur friend Ayaba committed. First u showed no sympathy on ur own mogamo pple. U came out to blame the IG as has been ur tactics with the AGC. The first time ADF did same in mogamo, u came out to crongratulate IVO. JMA, u can't twist things anymore. Fowl e anus don show. Greed for power is what's making u guys going crazy. What's the fxn of the consortium in this revolution if not for power? By the way, consortium was dissolved n gone. U can't be hidding behind it. U haven't told us why u ran away from crtv. We are investigating u.

  14. Nwachuku,I told you to look at yourself in the mirror as you think you’re Jesus Christ of Ambazonia southern Cameroons
    If Ayaba is working for LRC as you and your fellow hermaphrodite Chris Anus said
    Then ask yourself why is general Ivo killed by LRC?????
    I have good news for, it’s announced by one man Tv 📺 abc hermaphrodite Chris Anus that legendary journalist Nwachuku Eru tataw has won Nobel price in Oslo Norway for broadcasting authentic news about southern Cameroons revolution, Nwachuku will receive the award with chief fraudster Sako Ikome December 25,2018 birthday 🎁 for Nwachuku cos Nwachuku is the Jesus Christ of Ambazonia

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