The Challenge of Undiagnosed Diabetes in Africa

4 months ago

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Anne E. Sumner, MD, a senior investigator at NIH, is chief of the section of Ethnicity and Health, founding director of the NIH-Rwandan Health Program and Adjunct Faculty at the University of Global Health Equity. She is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Her career is dedicated to improving detection and prevention of complications of diabetes in people of African descent. Working in the NIH intramural program in Bethesda, Maryland with African trainees and enrolling African immigrants in diabetes screening programs, she conducts studies which provide proof of concept, parsimonious study design, and power analyses for studies to be done in Africa. As an award-winning mentor, she has trained scores of scientists from underrepresented backgrounds. In addition, she works to improve opportunities, acceptance and quality of life, nationally and internationally, for people with disabilities.


The Struggle Continues

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