9 thoughts on “The Dawn Of Ambazonia”

  1. Anybody that still thinks sako and Chris are for the Amba independence is just a fool. Sako and Chris ve been working for the Cameroon government since 2017. I pity u ambazonians , keep waiting for them to give u independence, u will all be wiped out. Stop taking any instruction from them, it’s all setup especially from ground zero. They re being controlled from yde.

  2. Capo why broadcast information about Sako's forces in public? Why don't you call him privately and talk to him? I can see that there is a spirit of discrimination so deep amongst us. When it's a group that does not belong to you that has done something wrong, you expose it as you've just done publicly as if your comrade activist is your common enemy. Please, we should learn to say certain things privately. Exposing sako and his forces publicly without first talking to him privately shows hatred, discrimination and disunity. You are indirectly informing us that Sako alongside his forces are hypocrites in this revolution which I deem not correct. You are indirectly telling us that he (Sako)and his forces are out to tear this revolution apart. Please we need a united spirit and love in this revolution despite our different affiliations. Sabotaging your comrade activist who is also fighting the same fight is immaturity and I don't believe it gonna take us further. Thanks! Etienne from GZ

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