The Death of Christian Cardinal TUMI

1 week ago

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The last image of the death body of Christian cardinal Tumi speaks volumes about the legacy he left behind. What does the death of Cardinal TUMI mean.


The Struggle Continues

8 thoughts on “The Death of Christian Cardinal TUMI”

  1. Listen to what Tumi said about the sampling or polling: 4 out of 1,000 wanted to stay with La Republic. That polling suggests that 99.96% of Southern Cameroonians wanted "..absolute separation, that is to say Secession…" What does the death of Cardinal Tumi mean to the people of Southern Cameroons? Absolutely nothing. Let's not [tie him and go troway inside mortuary] but wish his soul a safe passage, in the hands of his francophone brethren, to the house of his maker. Β He was honest in telling the reporter that they failed in trying to influence/[manipulate] the polling to chose either Federalism or Decentralisation. Β 

    To refresh your audience's memory: Tumi, Biya and Francis (the pope) are part of the inner cadre of the universal (Catholic) hierarchy. So at tea time the three of them gather for a huge laugh at the same sick luciferian mass mind control joke that has been perpetrated on the populace for aeons.

    Forget about what was happening to his half naked body. Pay attention to the period when something called him back to his maker. We humans cannot make up the extraordinary symbolism of the moment. Just wish him well. Ambazonian blood on the streets speaks volumes beyond the purview of human comprehension. Maintain your focus on GZ, p-u-l-e-a-s-e ! ! !

  2. Cardinal Tumi dead is saying something πŸ™ God is never wrong or fail!!! When speaks no one can oppost, our God is always on time and right πŸ™ what will gain a man to profit the whole world but lose his soul in hellfire, human words is not the word of God! Cardinal Tumi has a lot of questions to answer God about his work, salvation is personal and justice βš– is personal RIP πŸ™ 😒 The Lord says πŸ™ Ambazonia must be free πŸ™

  3. Powerful presentation. Facts don't lie. A wasted opportunity for this so called "man of God", ought to use and stand with people. He would have been shouting at every opportunity, preaching without fear or favour the truth on what the people wanted. But, he decided to side with the oppressor and was scared to speak or stand for a truth. Is this what God stands for?

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