8 thoughts on “The death of General IVO and its impact, the way forward”

  1. when we watch the way you guys contradict yourselves, it shows with this mentality, your crisis may last for 20 years, how can a commander come on social media and disclose where they get their weapons, knowing fully well that it's against humanity, you guys need to go back to the drawing board

  2. God go punish you and the rest of your combi them for killing ivo idiot say wona be di give yi moni no be na moni wey wona be suppose give yi wey make wona kill yi ?i beg buea no go need corrupt bandits and satan representatives like you,cho and the rest idiot fat fools wona go remain for dey bcos that same lrc na yi go kill wona later

  3. Wona don cook story for came tell we why na only yi die body be dey for the place wona don arrange am fine na wona do catuch for exams them pass but this one go fail wona black legs wona go die like the ivo bcos greed di led to grave

  4. The Anglophone/Ambazonia problem is not a person but a SPIRIT, and that spirit lives in all Anglophones.
    The SPIRIT to denounce injustice, fight against oppression, corruption, tyranny, isolation, restoration of social justice, the
    rule of law and the rejection of a second class status. FRREDOM IS A HUMAN RIGHT.

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