The Half of It | Official Trailer | Netflix

1 year ago

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Shy, straight-A student Ellie is hired by sweet but inarticulate jock Paul, who needs help winning over a popular girl. But their new and unlikely friendship gets …


The Struggle Continues

33 thoughts on “The Half of It | Official Trailer | Netflix”

  1. I'm so disappointed. This movie was so boring and left me asking a million questions. The execution was questionable and it left me wondering how they could mess up so badly. I was expecting something more memorable, but instead I was met with boredom.

  2. This movie was brilliant !!So unexpected totally took me by surprise💖💖 I loved their friendship it just felt so natural and really draws you in.💞💞

  3. I guess this only happens in America cuz in Canada there be neighborhoods, towns and schools with literally 90% Asians, Indians, Arabs. Brampton, surrey, North York could go on and on

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