1. The arrest of Kamto is to divert the attention of the world concerning the southern Cameroon problem it's a political strategy Camto is very much aware don't trust a French man they're all demons wolves in sheep clothing

  2. Thank you senior Barrister Fru John Nsoh for speaking the truth without mincing words. To Babila Jonathan I will say even though it is said a journalist needs to be balanced in their interview but sometimes you ask stupid questions that makes me wonder whether you live in the sky.You keep talking about efforts made by the government in solving the problem whereas you know very well that nothing has been done. Even your own village has been razed to ashes by the military and you still sit there and asking who is doing the burning come on man.You know that the Cameroon military has no moral obligations. They are being drugged before sending them to Ambaland when they get there they behave like mad dogs.But thank God that our Amba boys are giving them their own medicine to swallow. Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.

  3. USA political analyst or call it USA secretary of African affairs says what pleases the USA interests. When two people came into Federal states and another party abolishes it, without the concerned of another party, That same party that abolishes federation that was formed in 1961 further creates a fake unitary states, in 1972, then abolishes it in 1984 by returning to their La République of 1960 that suits France

    Southern Cameroons now Ambazonia is a Federal of Ambazonia. Accept it or not, we will not surrender
    Paris must sit in a negotiation table and kiss the Asses of The Ambazonians leaders in the Kangaroo jail in Kondengui,

    We blamed The so called United Nations, United kingdom, France and the EU and a snoring African Union

    After a complété Restoration, we will settle the Scores of the war with neighboring countries that are supporting La République Du France Cameroun.

  4. The Rulings from Nigeria Federal High Court will produce fruits. Don't sit as a journalist and say jargons. Tomorrow you the journalist will answer your lip questions in Kondengui, you journalist for Equinox

  5. Waoh, this is wonderful. I now see why the say nature never allows for a vacuum. Mr Babila keep on with the good job. Cuddles to Senior Barrister Nso for always putting it and calling it the way it's.

  6. In a final match competition, even the loser has a prize and a place.

    The prize and the place is greater than that of other teams who didn't reach the finals.

    Win or lose, Ambazonia will have a prize and a place. However, it's not a matter of win or lose.

    No magic can ever bring both Ambazonia and LRC to live together in perfect or true peace and harmony.

    It is a shame to call Ambazonia, North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

    Two things: Either you are not normal or you are under a command.

  7. My question is to know if a refugee has the right to conduct and supervise acts of war against the country he/she is running away from. Because if that is allowed then the country who host those individuals is guilty of destabilizing a foreign government. The international laws for asylum seekers mention it clearly. A refugee should not rage war or sponsor any armed group while in exile. Tabe and others disregarded absolutely this law. The Cameroonian government can claim self defense. You cam bark as much as you want, it’s not going to change anything.

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