THE INSIDE (Guest: Prof Paul NKWI, Member Constitutional Council of Cameroon) October 28th 2018

8 months ago

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The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “THE INSIDE (Guest: Prof Paul NKWI, Member Constitutional Council of Cameroon) October 28th 2018”

  1. We can all see the difference in culture and system of operation between the Francophones and Anglophones display here in this video. This are proves to say we are not one people and can never be. By every right the people has to know what's going on in the Constitutional Council but this dishonest regime of the french will not allow us unveil their fraudulent machine.

  2. The picture behind prof shows for whom he is running for. However, he is bias on his approach to explain things here. There were enough evidence provided to the constitutional council to make genuine decision with regards to the outcome of the elections. He knows that results were manipulated.

  3. From what prof was saying it shows that his hands were tight, i bet u if there was any opposition to those decisions it was coming from people like him but again we have very bad laws which will often maintain a majority of gullible surogates in all key institutions hence reducing output

  4. With all respect due to Prof. Nkwi whom I had the honor to know personnaly, I am surprised, he is not sure about the competency of the CC to cancel elections and to examine irregularities. The national votr counting commission does not have this duty…

  5. Good interview and interesting questions. However, it would be helpful if the journalist will stop interrupting the speaker, especially when he try to explain very important issues.
    All in all, thanks for this insightful interview.

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