27 thoughts on “The Interim Government of Samuel Sako & The Diaspora Community of Menchum!”

  1. Why are u people spoiling things ,ayaba cho is the only man that can never ever in the history of Amazon rule us it will never happen In JESUS mighty name,God forbid ,Lrp agent bros u don talk u own go rest

  2. Pls open urself and let's see how u talk…has anyone stopped any Ambazonian to liberate us? Should we continue with ur type of narrative u're bringing up now? No one hates sisiko nor ayaba… I think people are just being careful dealing with everyone nowadays in this revolution…u must wake up bro to see realities on ground, let's focus on the ground especially as a fighter is reporting OK

  3. My brother let me advice u,stop following evil people like ayaba cho,bec to me my spirit tell me that they want to involve u in promotion evil activities be wise .from ur voice u are a good man.Use ur time to speak the truth and preach Unity

  4. Keep quiet are you on the ground since the beginning of this revolution the turn out has change during the reign of sako. Stop blaming people what are you doing?? What have Ayaba done? You this tribalistic guys. Sako will rule like it or not. Have you always taken time to ask accountability from other leaders? Evil men

  5. Sako Sako Sako every where.
    He lacks integrity and personality including that incompetent Christopher Anu.
    He was hand picked and that was a grave mistake. See ye face sef . Look like medicine man . Witch craft.
    How could you pick this man looking so hungry without back ground checks. He is a thief from from from

  6. Shut up your large mouth. All you guys have failed idiots. Your ranting shows you don't even know your left and tight.

    This guys is so stupid. I think he is not an Ambazonian.

  7. Monster!! Show yr face not Sako's face criminal.Sako has the bible in hand& in spirit& it's burning u. Sako is God's choice for the continuity until Sisiku is free .God is with us. Thank u JESUS. Amen.

  8. Who sent yr adf to attack fighters in mamfe?Is it another batibo disaster u.. So now,u no longer fighting against bororos but mamfe?Fear God who ordained this strugle.The will of God be done,amen.

  9. In short the message is about more groundnuts not so. Ok, we believe in Sako and Ayabacho to Provide machine groundnuts not so.Bro stop your Names calling. We are not mean people .let us discuse ideas and not past events. Foward ever backward never. No more rulling from the prison where there is no liberty.things are being done in the name of our leaders in prison.

  10. My friend stop calling that name.That name of Ayaba cho makes Ambazonian sick.Ayaba Cho is a thief,a killer and a scammer.Cho can never rule us in Jesus mighty name You are a big FOOL.Stoo this noise.

  11. I agree completely with you that Sako is incompetent to a fall. Sometimes i am tempted to believe that he has been compromised because his stupidity is baffling.

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