30 thoughts on “The killing of Ayaba Cho and Sisiku Ayuk Tabe”

  1. Hahahaha! Take out H. E Sessiko's name from your mouth you traitor. The spirits of our batibo killed fighters has started hunting you guys one after the other. It started with your so called gen Ivo, now it is Tapang who will face the music in the US court of law, and they you, Verla contry juju, your master Ayaba Cho and all your other evil AGC surrogates. Your gangster, Tapang and Boh Herbert are now calling for hot hot unity and collaboration so sudden. He even came up appologising to the very people you all regards as nothing. Killed our fighters in batibo ,buried general biabia alive and took to the social media to boast about it with all kinds of justifications like seriously? Now you have come up to link our president Sisseko with Ayaba Cho the killer as people who are endangered? Oh no God knows, please Ayaba Cho will take his life bcuz of the blood of those innocents fighters cry unto God bitterly for revenge . The bible says a murderer is a fugitive for live n that is y'all's portion. No more unity with traitors and killers like you. The IG that you and Tapang have been sabotaging and calling scammers n NGO is too small and has no moral standing to collaborate with you guys now so as to back Tapang in court. Call your Excellency ayaba cho, and all the ARCC rebooting to follow your Tapang to court and bach him up nonsense. Forget about Sisseko and the IG you hypocrite. You pretend to love Sessiko but hate the IG with such a passion, what hypocrisy. Please enough of all your excesses. Our God is great and we shall continue to cry unto him to plug out all the xancers like you in this revolution. Cheap conspirator and a saboteur. God will pay you all n now is pay back time period.

  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeh Capo Daniel Pamela Emmanuel Ngong, you see where your rebooting and all the ARCC conspiracies have landed you? I come from the same village in Azi Fontem with our one and only Field Marshal . I know his parents ,their compound and all his siblings . All your cheap conspiracy theory is so laughable bcus, Ambazonians are done with you guys. Go and read The Gaurdian Post Magazine and see for yourself the havoc that theRed Dragons under Field Marshal have caused lrc military. To say bcus he speaks French makes him lrc is so dumbfounded of you bcuz, this is somebody that gad but french education not English. Ask your friend Tapang from Lebialem,and he will tell you that most people from Lebialem study in Dschang. Even people from Tapang's village in Lebialem speak mostly french bcus, they are at the borders of with Dschang. Therefore, to say Field Marshal is French is to say Chris Anu is french bcuz, he is the big brother to Field Marshal from the same womb. Capo you are a very big liar and we the people will not sit and watch you and ayaba destroy us bcuz of greed. .

  3. Capo tell the Ambazonians how many innocent Ambazonians or fighters that Field Marshal has killed in Lebialem in this struggle. Instead you and Ayaba Cho have caused our people untold pain. It was Ayaba Cho and not Field Marshal that killed our fighters in batibo in such a barbaric and monstrous manner and even had to bury gen biabia alive. It is AGC that killed gen IVo n we have all credible evidence, it is Ayaba that has signed a deal to protect chief Mukete's/lrc cocoa farm not Field Marshal. What havoc has Field Marshal done to Ambazonians. GCall and ask the Lebialem community at GZ and ask them about Field Marshal and then come and tell us the peoples' opinion about him .He is been loved and worshipped in Lebialem and by all Lebialem sons and daughters worldwide like a demi god bcus of how he conducts himself and takes care of the people. So look for something else to blackmail Lebialem, Field Marsha,l Sako, and Chris Anu. You and ayaba are too small to penetrate Lebialem and take glory for what God is using the Red dragons to do. Cheap conspirators. Ashiaaaaaa ooooh mr Capol. Sessiko and Sako and IG are in separable, so we love our our IG, Field Marshal and all our genuine and faithful fighters n leaders of this struggle period.

  4. How much did they give you to buy your soul. Blood of the fallen soldiers is flowing over your soul. You still look at us in the eyes and lie.

    God will reach out to you soon.

    God is leading

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