The Last Words of Christian Cardinal Tumi

6 days ago

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An in-depth No Kunny look at the last words of Christian Cardinal TUMI
Capo Daniel
DDC Ambazonia Defense Forces


The Struggle Continues

11 thoughts on “The Last Words of Christian Cardinal Tumi”

  1. Cardinal Tumi was an UNSUCCESSFUL POLITICIAN. He did not seem to know what he wanted.
    HE SPOKE FROM BOTH SIDES OF HIS MOUTH depending on the situation in which he found himself.
    All in all, compared to other Clergy like Desmond Tutu, Cardinal Tumi was a TREMENDOUS DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

  2. Weeeh paa Tumi na u do ya own pikin dem sooo??? E for beta say make u no dis interview yaa chaaii ya family members dem still dey alife oooh or all dem don already naturalize aa lrpcans dem huuum Ambazonia for life ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Tumii is no different from all the so-called elites from Ambazonia who have chosen the side of the oppressor LRC. He should be left to rotate in LRC territory. Useless octagenerents sellouts elites. Tumi abandoned his own poor innocent civilians for the oppressor. SHAME TO TUMI

  4. Why condemning the death?are you God ? Continue with your senseless battle and keep the cardinal name aside, all of you amba fools are power mongers people who are not able to control a single quarter but yet have many generals, and presidents. Fighting and killing urself because of powers

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