The Life and Sad Ending of Mary Ingalls – Character portrayed by Melissa Sue Anderson

1 week ago

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The Life and Sad Ending of Mary Ingalls – Character portrayed by Melissa Sue Anderson.
Mini bio of the life of Mary Ingalls. Mary Ingalls was born Mary Amelia Ingalls Kendall on January 10, 1865, near the town of Pepin, Wisconsin. Mary Ingalls was the first daughter of Caroline and Charles Ingalls. She had seven siblings altogether. Laura, Carrie, Charles, Jr., and Grace. Albert, and later, James and Cassandra, were adopted after Mary left home.
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The Struggle Continues

49 thoughts on “The Life and Sad Ending of Mary Ingalls – Character portrayed by Melissa Sue Anderson”

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  2. Mary Ingalls was born Mary Amelia Ingalls Kendall on January 10, 1865. How can Mary be born with the last name Kendall if she was an Ingalls and never married Kendall?

  3. God used the real life of Mary . Blind physical, or spiritual Blindness. We as fan of Little house on the prairie. So how God is watching over the real Mary life. The actor of Mary in the show. Bring tears to our eyes. God has a purpose for each life. Tim

  4. no Albert no James, no Cassandra Ingalls. They were added characters for the show's appeal. Mary did go blind and at least she mentions here that she never really married. And I don't know why she said her last name had Kendall in it?????

  5. Albert ,James and Cassandra were add ons to the tv show, they didn't exist in the real Ingalls family learn your facts, then talk.
    Either go with the real story, or the TV show, not back and forth like bully boys, and Johnny Johnson. The show dramatized the books, and is highly inaccurate. I love and enjoy the show, but realize its based on the books, quite loosely.

  6. whats sad about these fake bios that alot of fans from the little house tv show actually believe what happened on tv that the writers or michael landon added out of his own imgination actually happened in the ingalls family history. the charachter of albert was added as a tribute to one michael landons friend whose son was killed.

  7. This is ridiculous, mixing fiction of a TV show as fact!! Mary never married, she learned a skill at the the blind school. She lived with her sister Carrie. The television show took a lot of liberal license. Her real life is very interesting. I wish the two were separated, without rewriting history. My opinion only!

  8. I'm sorry u need to get your facts real life Charles and Caroline never adopted kids .the characters of Albert ,Cassandra were created only for the show based on the little house series of books by Mary's sister laura.mary wasn't born blind ,it was reported she suffered a heart attack or stroke the drs then believed that's what caused her blindness .2013 I believe they researched it Mary's blindness and discovered her blindness was cause by menacoccyol something extremely long before putting things out there u really should know the facts.

  9. And also the real Mary ingalls was never married Adam Kendall ,was a TV character portrayed by Lynnwood bloom who is now a director so fictional character.

  10. That was a depressing video. I knew the real Mary Ingalls really went blind and that she never married, but the way some facts are misrepresented here is appalling. And the way the narrator ends the video by saying “Goodbye Mary Ingalls.” That’s a bit cold and definitely uncalled for! Have some respect please.
    May you Rest In God’s Peace, Mary. 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  11. What the heck are you talking about? The Ingalls family never adopted. Mary never married and was the first of the Ingalls children to die. She is buried in DeSmit South Dakota. The family of Charles brother lives in western South Dakota to this day. I sat at their table with my family and had supper with them. My daughter Bonnie is the same age as their daughter Laura Ingalls. Yes that's right, Laura. So what ever you are talking about makes no sense to me! Showing the real pics of the true Ingalls family but telling a fictional story from that ridiculous show from the seventies is very confusing. ?????????????

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