5 thoughts on “The Message of Beti Assomo That Will Change Everything”

  1. Major changes are killing civilians without taking pictures or videos and to slaughter as many as possible without trace… Sithole country ( is the military approach solving the problem or worsening it?)😠😠

  2. This chimpanzee war criminal must face justice. You're saying something in public but in private you give the opposite orders to your genocidal troops to be killing any Ambazonians they see and burn their homes. These atrocities continue. You know it and it's your order. You can't fool anyone. You and your colleagues must pay for your crimes. We'll go after you, your families and relatives anywhere on earth.

  3. I offer THREE MILLIONS francs CFA (3000000 francs CFA) to anyone who can send this devil to hell. If you're his bodyguards, lover, friend or anyone who can get this Satan let me know. By sending him to hell we'll be saving the lives of thousands of innocent Ambazonians he's going to kill in a few months' time.

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