11 thoughts on “-The New Supreme Commander Of The Ambazonian Federal Army (AFA) – Chris Anu’s 99th Lie.”

  1. I'm developing a growing trust, faith and confidence in you sir!
    you've taken courage to assume this duty!
    I believe people will trust in you.
    God bless you right now as I pray for more wisdom upon you and guardians in every step you take moving forward in JESUS NAME

  2. Hail to the chief.The supreme commander of the Ambazonia federal army.We the people of Ambaland hereby forward our 1000% support behind the concept of county by county analogy.Comrade it is time for someone to take the helm of the military wing of the revolution,as we watch in disarray the terrific daily loss of young Ambazonias lives in the hands of TERRORIST LRC SOLDIERS OF PAUL BIYA.As the revolution evolves,ideas becomes a corner stone for wisdom to linger.The IG will continue with it's duty as the political wing but the idea of county by county simply put the central military command under an organised umbrella and avoid ambiguity related to numerous groups whose primary goals has been leaders first and the revolution secondary while Ambaland become void of young fighters.When Gowon,Eronsi,murta la Mohammed,Adenkule the black scorpion took the helm of Nigerian revolution it was because they saw injustice.Now is the time to face the common enemy by funding fighters on Ground zero.Defend county by county concept and BUEA will be here sooner.

  3. Thank you garri master. That is the big step forward. County by county. Generals on ground zero in their various counties. Governors of counties in the diaspora to help collect funds. All counties fight to defend themselves with a federal commitment.

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