42 thoughts on “The Next 7 months are Critical ~ Prophetic Warning”

  1. We have been following your prophecies and teachings and have come to know that you are indeed a man with the word of God.Hopefully those presiding over the country will heed this call and set pride aside so that the country can prosper.This prophecy brings into light a prophecy that was made by prophet Makandiwa and it made little sense then but your word in season has opened up to the meaning of that vision.We thank God for your humility and for standing in the gap,God bless

  2. I am from Kenya. The Lord showed me that Kenya, Zimbabwe and Uganda will be shaken and turned upside down. It will be both scary and exciting for those who have been praying for change in Africa. I cant give the details.

  3. SIR THANK YOU FOR THIS I WAS WONDERING WHAT NEXT FOR ZIMBABWE I WILL WATCH AND PRAY Very powerful man of God Let both leaders drop their egos and unite for the sake of Zimbabwe! God bless you and your ministry i pray for the unity of the nation!🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

  4. But people what is stopping these guys from getting into a dialog as the Man of God is saying. Can't they se that We had enough of these fights and struggles guys. Lord have mercy on my nation in Jesus Name

  5. Kana mazogara uyu munhu wamwari anonzwa mwari ..ndave negore ndichifamba nechiporofita Chavo…. God forgive me for using a red pen on this man's utterances. All I'll do now is listen learn and action…for now I'll pray!

  6. Its fulfilling the dream I had in 2018 march the 3rd about shooting and killing of in our Zimbabwe where ed was telling people guns are going to be used in Zimbabwe and he gave a sign of people crying (achiratidza sign yemisodzi nemasiriri) he had 7 bodyguards with 7 guns and he said pfuti dziri kurira and dzikaridzwa 7 times and it was done one after the other.

    May God be with us Zimbabweans ngatitorei mashoko aya serious.

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