4 thoughts on “The Punch Call: KENYA, Southern Cameroons, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria”

  1. Please I'm a Southern Cameroonian from Belgium. You know people has been saying this and that about our issue. We are not trouble makers but the French Cameroon has taken us for ride because we have waited for dialogue. They was one in 1993 another 1994 before we we giving a University in Buea after killing more than 10 people. Today the same University is full but with Francophones. Every time we race up our case they will bride some leaders, kill some. They 'll make fake documents which are never respected by Paul Biya. You know this time when it started in 2016, their minister of Justice Laurent Esso said " when they will be tired of demonstrating they will be hungry and go back to work. Most times they will kill a number of people and every thing will die down. This time 2016 they are surprised it has continued for this long despite killing thousands. The Gov't of Biya are very dishonest people with full of pride. No document made with them can be trusted any more, be it even with the Pope as witness we can't trust them again. Can you imagine this Gov't collected millions from the population with pretect to come helping the displaced and those their armies have burn down their homes. Instead they use the moneys for their election campaigns!!.

  2. Ambazonia for Punchline Africa.Many thanks to this wonderful crew, and may God bless you all.

    The peace loving people of Ambazonia extend their heartfelt condolences to the affected people of the landslide in Uganda.May the almighty God comfort and heal their wounds.Ambazonians are mourning with you

    The history of AMBAZONIA will NEVER! forget you all for standing up tall to denounce evil.Special thanks to Dr Matsanga, Tawitsch ( The third presenter in the panel) and the beautiful queen of Ambazonia.Additional thanks to Mr Tawitsch for that factual and true presentation of the Ambazonian struggle for the restoration of her statehood, you all remains our heroes forever!!!!!!!.


  3. Thank you all for this program , all i know is that United states of biafra is very close to emerge because is ordain by almighty God of creation and biafra will stand as a shining light to the rest of the other Africa nation ! All hail United states of biafra and long live our leader mazi Nnamdi kanu !

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