THE REBEL LIVE | April 13, 2021

3 weeks ago

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#AGovC #Ambazonia #Cameroon
THE REBEL LIVE | April 13, 2021


The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “THE REBEL LIVE | April 13, 2021”

  1. Take it easy with the alliance excitement. Remember 1950s Enugu exit strategy incident?
    Biafra needs to allay deeply held concerns and fears about our comportment prior to 1950 exit.

  2. You are correct bruh Ivo, it's has gone the days that Ambazonians drink milk from LRC, now the Ambazonia people eat but backs of trees 🌳 in the forest!!! Slavery must end, we must be free

  3. Bruh Ivo i think 🤔 now it's the time to use the died comot medicines, so that we will never give our enemies rest till Ambazonia is free,live or dead we must fight our enemies till Ambazonia Total Freedom!!!

  4. U have to b carefull in treatining the custom on that boarder because , u are putting our boys in dainger doing that, because this people house our poeple . so becarefull about ur choice of words.don't start what we can finish, because our people in great danger once u start treatining. the nigerian force, that is not our enemy. i am talking because is going to be doom to our boys, so becareful.

  5. Ivo go look for work u are just saying rubbish, why don't u come back home and fight this war if u know how grand zero looks like u can say whatever u want to say on tv

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