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The Reboot, Ambazonians etc with Cucu Da Blinkz – 13-02-2018

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  1. Alain Tk says:

    True talk my dear are tired dis ARCC pipo

  2. Prizz Mbu says:

    Say it as it is my daughter! This is where La Republic wants us to be… fighting and crushing ourselves!

  3. K. Deekay says:

    Well spoken dear sister. We cannot be fooled, they will not manipulate Ambalanders anymore.

  4. Sister go and say it to people who go and block people in groups and Facebook without looking at their credentials. They even block people who don’t use fake account.

  5. My sister u have said it all. The greatest enemy we have in this struggle is fame seeking. It's high time ambazonians call these power mongers to order before dey destroy our revolution.

  6. You said it all madam. We will all be in Buea by now if everyone was like you.

  7. Thank you my daughter. God Bless you abundantly

  8. We are praying for this revolution. God will deal with anyone who wants to kill it even if it is the IG. Even if it is you talking girl. God has no grand children in this revolution. When we pray, we espect answers. When the answers don't go our way because God sees even in the innermost part of a man's heart, we start crying and pointing accusing fingers. Sorry. God is with the Ambazonians and he will deal with any wolf in sheep clothing who comes to deceive Ambazonians and Lord over them.

  9. Be talking the talk. Those guys are doing the work.

  10. No it is all about Ayuk. Where is Mancho?

  11. My sister God bless you. What a shame! The actions of these people speak volumes. How can a house divided against itself stand? But let me announce it loud and clear that no man or group of people , within and outside the Ambazonia land, can stop this Divine Movement to FREEDOM. God has spoken against these distractors and sell outs, watch, before July 2018 elapses you will hear what the Lord will do to them. Because this is God's REVOLUTION , no selfish person or persons can stand on HIS way. Amen and Amen ! It's the IG we recognise. For their selfish reasons let them betray the new IG as they did to Seseku Ayuke Tabe and his cabinet again. I tell you and I still repeat that God is about to weed the grass from the corn for this Divine Ambazonian revolution to come to fruition.
    That said, there's a question some of us are asking. And this concerns General Ivo Tapang. Just last year 2017 Ivo Tapang made a video in which he vehemently opposed the SCNC, vowed with his life never to endorse any separation from LRC and lavished praises on Paul Biya in the video. Why the sudden change of position? Why the overnight turn around to support the STRUGGLE to freedom? Is there something we are not getting right here? We need an explanation for the sudden change of mind of Ivo Tapang. We don't want what happened to our leaders in Nigeria to repeat itself. Please, Chris Anu, AP Samuel Sako Ikome and the rest pay attention to our skepticism. But remain strong , resolute and immoveable for God is with us. The broom of the ALMIGHTY is about to sweep the house for HIM to have HIS way and do HIS will. Amen. Let all the egoistic leaders be careful and rethink, for this should be a selfless and sacrificial STRUGGLE. This is not the time to sell-out. It's not the time for money making or fighting for position . I know that the devil always fights every Divine move of GOD , but he can never prevail against the will of the ALMIGHTY. AMEN! Ambazonians shine your eyes and see your FREEDOM clearly written on the wall, reason why the devil is fighting very hard against the reception of this FREEDOM . Long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

  12. When the holy ghost fire eh go fire green snake them weh wanna like, then you go start crying and appointing accusing fingers. Give Ambazonians a break.

  13. PAUL TENDO says:

    You are a great lady. God bless you.
    No one will support them. We have seen that they are fake and power hungry. Do not waste your time with them.

  14. Sorry ground zero is pulling out.They want action. IG has no plan for action. Reboot guys are working in that direction and ground Zero supports them. We do not need babies in this revolution girl.

  15. woolly zizi says:

    56 years is so much for one to become to stay a slave,this is the only time to free ourselves or remains slave to the next 100 years.

  16. Thanks my amba sister for your good ideas. GOD BLESS YOU.

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