37 thoughts on “The release of Abdul Karim and thanks to IG and the Swiss initiative”

  1. The fake IG of Sako is not the primary body responsible for the release of Abdul Karim. We have voices coming from all angles including Ayaba Cho, Eric Tataw, Chris Anu, John Mbah Akuro.
    So Joshua Carr, stop ranting about the IG shit. Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Like it or not, Eric Tataw is the most sensible activist this revolution has ever seen. God bless Abdul Karim. God bless Ambazonia

  2. My brother stay quiet with ur propaganda, what makes u think it is de Swiss letter to Biya makes Abdul Karim out and not President Trump sanction on LRC makes Abdul Karim free???

    Swiss is a delay tactic…it's a scam, Sako is a failure on Arrival

  3. U can block me I have never subscribed on ur channel, what we see from Donald Trump is bcos of Eric Tataw hand work, he alone has don everything so the Congress men to understand the cause of this fight, Sako did nothing to the message to the White House,

  4. Joshua Carr tell de Swiss Government to put out their special letter content to Mr.Biya out there on social media just like President Trump did his letter of sanction to Cameroon Government…then U will be shocked dat de letter from Swiss has nothing to do about Abdul Karim release but more of their interest in Cameroon, bro u better stop advocating for Sako led fake IG, all is propaganda, Sako is a failure & can never take us to Buea after missed use of MTTB…thief Pastors with hidden agenda

  5. Well done sir. God is using young people like you to shame some PhD holders and those social media noise makers. Keep educating our people. The devil can never fight and empty vessel. That is why our President Dr Sako is constantly under attack. I like my God for allowing all the attacks. Why? Because it only proved more and more how competent and well cultured our President is. I now believe the old adage that the best answer to a fool is to keep quiet. God bless you Prince J Carr. God bless Dr Sako and his entire cabinet. God bless the FRA.

  6. Lrp agents are the ones writing most of these comments . real intelligent people don't critise anyhow. They are disappointed if something good comes from sako government. But sako and the IG does not even have their time. God job jcarr

  7. Those criticising below are really really naive, because before you critizes someone make sure you are doing double of what the person is doing, this is a media with uncountable enemies wishing the worst for SC and you come and rather giving more reason for the enemy to attach. Common guys be wise, you could contact bro Carr privately and expose his wrongs if they're any.

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