The release of Prof. Leke Ivo Tambo. As reported that the release of Prof. Leke was received with m…

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The release of Prof. Leke Ivo Tambo.

As reported that the release of Prof. Leke was received with mixed feelings either from the Government and/or as well as SCs. It was just a matter of time as those who held him hostage already promised his release.

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Today the Governor was unable to give a compendium as commander in chief as to how it happened but thought according to him it was due to the traditional rulers.
Scandy media talking to a very close family member disclosed that no traditional ruler played any part in the release. He said the palace itself is in shackles and could not even engage in such a deal.

He went further to explain the circumstances that led to the arrest. Note he used the word arrest not kidnap. He said the main target was never Prof. Leke but the Minister Tasong Paul.

The Minister according the indigenes had requested that the villagers come out in their numbers to welcome him and shower words of thanks through motions of support to Paul Biya for appointing one of theirs.

This was rejected by the people who asked him to celebrate his appointment outside Lebialem. But the stubborn Minister went ahead to the neighboring town Dschang and hired students and some security men who received 5000 Frs each in three coaster. These people from the West were to stand and cheer up the event as citizens from Lebialem. This is what pushed the youths to intercept the convoy with the hope of getting the Minister but unfortunately for Prof. Leke he was the one in convoy.

They took him and went for the Minister who narrowly escaped to the SDO’s office.
According to our source, the release of Prof Leke should not raise eyebrows. The people of Lebialem confirmed that he is that Elite villagers could rely on despite working with the regime. He has always stood with the people and have touched the lives of almost every family in the county. As such his people could not pay his good works by making him a victim. No ransom was paid the family member disclosed but a unanimous decision by those that arrested him as the target was missed. His people respect his role as a civil servant working for the regime but not one against the struggle.
This should lay to rest the mixed feelings of him being an enemy or not, anyone working with the enemy being an enemy etc.
Scandy media hopes that the energy used to debate on this release of why and why not should be diverted to the enemy. Prof. Leke is not the enemy and should receive and enjoy his freedom.
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The release of the GCE board chairman today brought mixed feelings amongst SCs. While many believe that it was masterminded by La Rep to give the anglophones a bad tag as usual, the Cameroon regime through the SW governor became a stammer as he was unable to match words to the arrest and release. The only thing he was able to say was to thank the traditional rulers for their role played and those who collaborate to state security.
Although they have been speculations on ransom being paid for the release, the governor was unable to confirm this but could only say it was horrible a government official was kidnapped in his own home. Surely he did not want to go further to state that this was to show how serious their grievances are. Whoever was behind the arrest and release shall be known. Scandy media has dispatched its reporter to contact any of the family member and shall update soon.
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