"The RISE and FALL Of Southern Cameroonian Dictators"(The People No Longer Trust Them)Manipulators!

3 months ago

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Southern Cameroonians please take note of these dictators and what they have in common – what all these dictators have in common is that they all have the same mission which is to constantly hurt others, harm them, ruin other Southern Cameroonian’s lives and above all a very strong desire to DESTROY them…these are people without the ability to CARE, FEAR and the Consideration of others!
There is something different in the way their brains are wired that sets them apart from the rest of the other southern cameroonians…they are always looking to take from others…take away people’s good qualities from them…
These southern cameroonian dictators are very lacking in character treats that should make them normal as the rest of the other southern cameroonians…they are Predators! who go against the law of society because they feel above it…
These are individuals who do not respond or have a normal reaction to things the same way another southern cameroonian would…They are very unmoved by most things they do or see…for example if the pet of a normal southern cameroonian should die that person will be moved in some way, but these dictators, it will not move them one bit! Now just see how SAKO is very unmoved about what he sees or hears done to the people on GZero he has this clam demeanor to everything…You do not see any real emotional connection…and if there is any it is fake like the one Eric Tataw tries to do (all fake there is no real emotion behind it) if they were really moved they would have tried to stop the WAR already after seeing and hearing what the people are experiencing…It does not border them and are not concerned…
Just see how Eric Tataw is very comfortable engaging in high risk activities! he is able to do this because the part of his brain responsible for fear is not active…he just want to continue and keep it going he cannot control himself!
They all do not have the right or wrong morality in them because there is some disconnection in their brains for that reason their brains are not able to tell them “No do not do that, that is wrong to do”
To these people “high risk behavior” is business as usual because they do not feel they have done anything wrong…They do things that normal people will not do! because it gives them a sense of power over others and THEY WILL NOT STOP! they do not have the ability to…Just DISENGAGE NOW!
Out of order behavior can be seen in all of them – ie yes i can take your money, yes give me your checks etc having a complete lack of focus, See how they are constantly sending messages out, this is because they want stay on your radar at all times…so they can be able to keep breaking you all down…Southern Cameroon DISENGAGE from all of them NOW by ALL MEANS!


The Struggle Continues

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