34 thoughts on “The ROCK; Breaking News, Ambazonia Is Indeed Free Plus Agbor Balla Saga, Mayor Ayuk John Of Mamfe,”

  1. Sako is a PSYCHOPATH!
    Chris Anu, Eguayan and Elvis from Bui are PSYCHOPATHS as well.
    ALL, FAKE PASTORS/"Muslim Scholar"!

  2. La Republique : a country that's now ruled by a ghost (or dead man's) picture. How much low can that nation go !?

  3. Sako must be jailed if not others would do the same in future. If Sako goes to jail, he would expose others and thereby all those thieves among us would get out of the system.

  4. Deal with Sako and Co. This thing cannot be tolerated. Deal with them. They think that America is cameroon, where they can abuse the law as they wish.

  5. Justice to my trip to Buea and everything in this struggle and to avoid curroption as we are building the new Ambazionians people . THANK you my pikin to fight and correct the new generation in Ambazionian.

  6. My dear son, forget about the switch talk and American about Mr Cowell to give us independent. UN said we should fight and take our land and properties. We have the independent in our hands. Thanks we love you.

  7. Demon tataw, "The IG u see is of God"-let Dr Sako&IG, keep the faith,&continue to run the straight race,bcause the most high God himself is leading them with heavenly angels fighting for them.

  8. See tif man yi face, Sisiko can’t roll ambazonians no matter how hard you try, Sisiko is a big tif, he stole Sonel money, he stole MTTB money with Tabeyand what a shame. IG can’t be part of that yr fake old mans negotiations, IG for life Eric epom laptop πŸ’» tif

  9. Go and face Caroline Mala while Sako Sako all the time with those yr fake federalists comments. Ambazonians only independence will take us out of this evil πŸ‘Ώ Sisiko’s gangsters

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