1. Why are your pictures always poor this time around?. The new Constitutional Council body just formed recently by Mr Paul Biya speaks for it self that, he is not ready to accommodate the people of the Southern Cameroon, ( Ambazonia ). Dr Simon Munzu thinks he can join Paul Biya to full us like he did in the AAC 1, AAC 2 and the rest. No genuine dialogue can be held with the regime of Mr Biya with out a third party and not in Cameroon.

  2. Dr. Munzu I personally is warning u, u have no right what so ever to make a decision on my behalf take note this time is not the time u have to take people life to gamble with it. U look so garbled ,people have died be careful u this ugly man, u call yourself Dr who do not even know the history of his country. Where were going or why were you going to UN In 1993? If u have taken bribe again from LRC then this time u have mistake , we are not going to even respect or take that from you and your crazy governments. (BRIBE TAKES ) HYPOCRITE

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