The Slave And The Cage; A Typical Amazonian Case! Watch & See Something! Watch..

1 year ago

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We are Against the ADF (Ambazonian Defense Force) and Denounce All their Atrocities committed against the Army an People of Cameroon.

We Denounce the Atrocities committed by the Cameroonian Army against the Anglophone People of Cameroon.

We Call For An Inclusive Dialogue Between the Francophone Cameroonians and Anglophone Cameroonians & Call For Peace & Stability in the Country.


The Struggle Continues

11 thoughts on “The Slave And The Cage; A Typical Amazonian Case! Watch & See Something! Watch..”

  1. Eric,
    You are such an articulate speaker. Have you considered appealing to one of our committed senior citizens – Mola Njoh Litumbe, Barrister Gorji Dinka, Prof. Carlson Anyangwe – to use their good offices/standing and bring together under one roof our egocentric youthful leaders?

  2. Eric u talk too much rubbish and u r very presumptuous with no intelligence n no power. Soon u will have high blood pressure. Come to gz n show us all that power u pretend to have

  3. fool. do really think you afraid people ? idiot. if you are so powerful why don't you arrest IKEMIKEAyou talk to much for nothing. some examples 'if they jail mancho BBC' no senatorial election no Nigerian high commissioned at Buea. etc. moron

  4. nonsense now you want to fight Chinese Russian France England. you are destroying this struggle. They will invade Cameroon. and kill all you bunch of idiots

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