The struggle of Ghanas cocoa farmers | Global Ideas

2 years ago

Cocoa is Ghana’s main cash crop. After the Ivory Coast, the West-African country is the second largest cocoa exporter in the world. But the trees are sick.

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The Struggle Continues

20 thoughts on “The struggle of Ghanas cocoa farmers | Global Ideas”

  1. Ghana and Ivory Coast should hold their cocoa back while securing the growers livelihood (otherwise it won't work) and demand from western countries the price they deserve. And by "they" I mean the growers
    Together they could easily rule the cocoa market.

  2. It's a shame that as an American in 2020, I know about Belgium chocolate but know nothing of chocolate from Africa. Especially given what Belgium did to get their reputation.

  3. I am from a Country where we have dark skin and no colour sceen people have always been living together. And we have respect for each other. But SO sorry I write this, I really am getting to believe that these kind of people are really STUP. Who in their right mind after 500 years of rubbin away all the natural resources help cutting away the last few that are left so that in eu or us or russia or arabs can have beatiful mobles!!!? They should protect everything with their lifes REALLY !!!?

  4. Ghana Worlds 2nd Biggest Exporter of Cocoa..
    Workers Paid $1 per day..
    Worldwide Cocoa Industry Worth $103 Billion..
    Switzerland and Others Prosperous Countries doing very Well..
    We need to use our resources to make our global selling Chocolate Bars..
    Easter is coming.. Europeans spend 300 Million Euros on Easter – Eggs..

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