The Telegraph National Debate 2016 Part II

4 years ago

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The Telegraph National Debate 2016 was held on 5 March at Calcutta Club. The motion of the house was “Tolerance is the new intolerance”. The 6 speakers at the debate were Suhel Seth, Kajol and Anupam Kher who spoke for the motion and Justice Ashok Ganguly, Randeep Surjewala and Barkha Dutt who spoke against the motion.⁠⁠


The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “The Telegraph National Debate 2016 Part II”

  1. So Burha Dutt spoke about her Fraternity & she really indicated a man who is competition with him.
    She is a Capitalist, as she said
    Capitalist is China also which calls themselves Communists and so is she.
    Let me know her –
    1)She was the same journalist who took camera to Surat which was silent in 2002 riot and reported to Rioters that there is no police. She was one who made Gujarat in fire.
    2)She was same who decoded Indian border Force security at border in her Ndtv show.

  2. Barkha is taking tution from Kanahiya when should she resigning from journalism and she persu her course from proffessor Kanahiya
    What's about 2002 surat and PM modi asked her aag kyoun laga Rahi ho and she is asking that India is intolerant

  3. How can be a constitution copied from government of India act imposed by Britishers can be followed for having freedom. We don't have our constitution also. Azzadi Mili change the constitution.

  4. no one observed the way the either sides of panels are made of.
    1) judge
    2) politician
    3) journalist
    on the other side
    1) movie artist
    2) movie artist
    3) business man.
    and the panel talks against(1st) and for(2nd) govt are like this.
    What can a film artist talk they thought.
    But Indians are always Indians in any field.
    And Anupam Kher took away the whole debate.

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