The Tiv/Jukun Crisis

10 months ago

The major cause of the Jukun/Tiv conflict is the claim by Jukun that the Tiv are “settlers,” not indigenes in Taraba, and therefore, have no ownership right to the land they occupy.

The Tiv, on the other hand, use the longevity of their stay in Taraba to repel their settler status to claim land ownership, traditional and political rights.

These seeming claims, passed on to Jukun/Tiv offspring, are generating bloody scenes.

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The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “The Tiv/Jukun Crisis”

  1. I want to make this known, the Tiv are the rightful inhabitants of southern Taraba,the present day wukari is a place where Tiv ancestral fathers use to stay and keep their hunting shrine called waka,the jukuns on the other hand were fishermen, and they were in present day wase in plateau state, they fought with the biroms and migrated to present day bauchi state, after the fall of kwararafa,they migrated again to settled at river ibi,that was when the jukuns started interacting with the Tivs because both tribes drinking the native alcohol called Burukutu,and jukun women were good in making burukutu,and in the days of trade by batter,the jukun women used to bring burukutu in exchange for bush meat in waka,and both parties begun interacting with each other, later on the jukun came and join the Tivs in waka where the Tivs keep their hunting shrine, and Tiv people became inconvenient, and they moved to Ayu,which is in present day Tsokundi which the Jukuns hijacked and changed the name from Ayu to Tsokundi in 1991 crises,and before the creation of Taraba state,during the creation of wukari province, the Tivs were the majority in all the areas in the province, on a quest to installed their Paramount rule the jukuns convince other minority tribes to join up with them to get the population, to beat the Tivs and installed the Aku-Uka,and they succeeded in that, and that was the beginning of all this political crisis, and the jukuns are always putting on all mechanism to out throw the Tivs out of Taraba state politics, and all this is as a result of political power, both your guest don't know about the history

  2. Please sir, keep ur northern people and ur different tribes to ur selves ,the rest of Nigerians don’t want them also keep the Fulani headsmen gangsters crooks far away from the rest of us Nigerians and the southerners. U people from the north are crooks politicians.

  3. Thanks Mr. Ray for the detailed explanation. It is quite helpful. However, we have just lost a man, a human being, a priest on a peace mission. It is too painful to imagine that in this 21st century people are killing and burning a human being like themselves for land.. What pride is there in taking lives for land that abounds so much on both territories?
    As for me, I will disown my father land if I witness the killing of another man who has no weapon just to retain it.

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