20 thoughts on “The voice of the silent majority. The Victims of #Ambazonia terrorism”

  1. It's so sad we can't talk nor walk freely many have abandoned their homes and are on rents all because of amba boys. We even fear to talk anyhow cuz you don't know who will pick you. Amba is evil why is the government allowing them to continue torturing people??

  2. Let's hire buses for all the amputees to go to the American Embassy. The more the better. £500 could do it. Go to the US embassy with journalists and demand to see the ambassador.
    It's worth the try. I willing to pay.

  3. Identify all the victims and bring them all to the US Embassy in Yaoundé. a lawyer must go with them. I will participate financially in this project. Eric Tataw says he is very rich he will have to compensate the victims.

  4. How can USA protect terrorists and claim to be fighting against terrorism in the world. This is a clear indication that their foreign policy to reduce the African population so as to continue extracting the raw materials in Africa.

  5. It is time to killed Ambazonia terrorists in the diaspora by any means, we can't continue like this. Enough is enough.
    We will take them out, this is a clear promise let just wait and see.

  6. All the videos where eric tataw, mark bareta , tapang ivo, ayaba cho and rest encourage violence on people are recorded.The day is coming when they shall face JUSTICE either in One and Indivisible Cameroon or the International Criminal Court of Justice. The END of ambazonia is NEAR.

  7. 'Garri them, quote me anywhere'-Eric tataw. These pipo are suffering because of the lunatic, he sits in USA with no pity and continues to rant. We the patriots need to do something to get this guy arrested for all these crimes.

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