This is the real Cameroon.

11 months ago

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Jewel of Central Africa

More than 242 ethnic groups, resulting in linguistic megadiversity

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From North to South, from East to West, a beautiful mosaic of cultures:

Kirdi, Hausa, Fulani, Mbum, Gbaya, Beti, Fang, Sawa, Tikar, Bamileke, Bamoun, and many others

Over 20 million inhabitants united in peace and social harmony
A dense equatorial forest teeming with an abundance of natural resources
A population rich in colours and cultures
A myriad of tourist attractions
A booming energy sector
A diversity of agricultural crops
Solid infrastructures in full consolidation
Two large ports in strategic regions of Central Africa
Internationally acknowledged leadership and diplomacy

I am proud to live in my Stunning, rich and unique Cameroun !


The Struggle Continues

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