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This is where i was born wasn’t easy for us but the almighty was in control. Am #proud of my back…

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This is where i was born wasn’t easy for us but the almighty was in control.
Am #proud of my background #proud of my roots #proud of my village no matter what i still acknowledge the fact that i wasn’t born with a golden Spon in my mouth and proud of that. . #OLUWA u big

Courtesy of… Dave Scott || 2018-02-14 10:01:56

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  1. Choiiiiii this life is not easy…..

  2. Amba Mancho says:

    That was your house
    ..Your land…You owned it..Payed no rents…Had your garden around the house..Enjoyed abundant moonlight and sunshine…Fetched Fresh water from the stream…And had birds n animals around the Compound…You were never poor…Ask those who live in Europe n America how many of them own a house

  3. Amba Mancho says:

    We should thank our Ancestors and be greatful for what we have and what they left for us…Sometimes we quickly accept we are poor when we are not

  4. God remains great my bro you are not alone

  5. Chia Godwill says:

    Some people in Europe leave in abandoned vehicles so u were just a better African we had one like this and it was our home

  6. Thank God u can use android fon

  7. Waoo looks just like mine,are u sure u didn’t snap our compound??? Happy home home sweet home txs

  8. Amba Mancho says:

    Hope you do not it sell it but plan more beautiful quiet days to come

  9. Jude Suliy says:

    U will go far bros. The sky is ur limit. U know where u come from. Very few ppl do. I even forget myself but I have learnt from u. Gratias

  10. From grass to grace home is home be happy my brother the best is yet to come it is well .am happy u never forgot ur home land

  11. But life was still ahead

  12. Ngeh Davison says:

    Waoh big bro…you make shade tears of joy.that’s look like the same house my grand mother used to live in batibo but today in a mansion in bda,but home is home

  13. Hope you are doing something to change it

  14. Amen bro many of us was born in such shelter

  15. Wow your words touch my heart. In a world where people want to show wealth and be popular only few honest hearts can do this. Thanks for sharing you just encouraged someone

  16. Aya Glo says:

    My situation too but am proud dough very proud CU’s I know what life it’s on my age I HV struggled ,I smile in the physical but pleading inside .but will never forget who I am and where I came from,and where I am heading too.

  17. Javice Azong says:

    Only few will approve of their roots.Many of us were delivered in similar situations.

  18. I title this as the “ROOTS ” where a young man by name Alex Haley .. The great – grandson of Kunta Kinte was able to tressed his root after 200 years in Gambia .. keep up bro one spirit.. There is no place like home .. home is home ..

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