Thousands head to Washington to protest

4 years ago

Thousands rallied in Washington before President-elect Donald Trump takes office to make clear their opposition to his policies on immigration and social justice. CNN’s Athena Jones has more.


The Struggle Continues

46 thoughts on “Thousands head to Washington to protest”

  1. good, they come to D.C. we arrest them. and GET EM OUTTA HERE! also " immigrants have a huge effect on our economy " I love that quote because it's true. and that effect is less jobs for the true people of are nation of immigrants. who came through struggling and knew to never take an easy way out. those are the " immigrants " that JFK ment. not these fucking drug dealers.

  2. And this is supposed to accomplish what? Don't get me wrong I despise Trump and his Russia loving traitors. They should be rooted out, punished and exiled from being around loyal and patriotic americans. But what does this protest do other then make you guys feel better? How about doing something real like forming a political force to oppose this treasonous filth and tke back the country for real Americans who are loyal to it?

  3. Free crack giveaway? Great unifuctaion. Is Soros paying? I am out of a job thx to a immigrant. Drop trucking rates. Haul illegal loads. Great plan. I hope he lines up the greyhounds untill every illegal is out. πŸ•~🌯

  4. Illegal, go out. I dont care about race, religion or place you come from.

    It is unfair for LEGAL immigrants who undergo the process, money and time who comes here with incredible talent.

  5. These liberals are the worst bunch of intolerant idiots…. I am not even white … so you can't say I am a racist whitey !!!
    What I see here are crowds who have no right to protest, if they are undocumented immigrants.
    If they are in my part of the world, the governments here, would think nothing of throwing a few live hand-grenade in there. Also these idiots would be pepper sprayed with LIVE AMMO. Also these fuckers would have their photos taken, then deported ASAP for interrupting public peace.
    If Trumps doesn't do it, then Trump is a far better person than the people in most governments elsewhere.

  6. if loads of illegal aliens turn up to protest just round them all up and send them home, easy, job done, there called illegal for a reason, I cant just get up and go to any country I want illegally and they shouldn't be able to either.

  7. MSM continues to refer to this as an "Immigration rights protest" They're telling everyone that has an accent that the boogeyman is coming to getcha!
    The next White House has zero issue with documented immigrants – said so for months.
    They want current immigration laws to be enforced after eight years of ignoring them.
    But you won't hear that from the fear mongers at cnn.
    This is another instance where MSM creates an issue that isn't real.

  8. They have alot of time to do this meaning staying for tax payer to pay for u lazy out this country people go on a March shit won't change Trumps Plan Get Your Paper Right Then you all more then welcome to our USA. till then you will be getting a letter telling u is time to go hope you don't have a criminal record n u can come back .

  9. you will be moved if we cut off your welfare checks. and resistance from what? being free to do illegal things like drugs and smuggling them across the boarder and coming here illegally and not doing the correct documents because you all got criminal history that wont allow you in.

  10. Get over it already. What you don.t have jobs, I live in New Mexico and I want the wall, I am also Hispanic. and if you are here legal great if not get your paperwork and become legal, if you are a criminal get gone don.t ever come back. I want my family safe, if you are here illegally you don't even have the right to protest.

  11. so many small headed underdeveloped apes at the same time (I mean all kind of skin colors). Now they have to clean toilets instead sucking taxpayer money and breeding all day

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