THROW BACK: This wanted Biafran man warned everyone

1 week ago

THROW BACK: This wanted Biafran man warned everyone


The Struggle Continues

24 thoughts on “THROW BACK: This wanted Biafran man warned everyone”

  1. Guy stop this. Are you with Biafra or are you against it cos I know you are Igbo. You are passing information to the fulani government and telling them to go and arrest him. I hope you are not a saboteur and don't let the UGM pay you a visit. Talk about the warning alone and leave the rest. Watch your back oo. It's my kindid advice

  2. You shouldn't be picking sides when it comes to this, this is more like a revolution and you might not fully understand the plight of these people unless your are in their shoes.

  3. Dave or whatever they call you, all the threat of fulani terrorists groups and evil wicked criminal government , you did not publicized and condemned them and with all the killings going on in the south East. By their fruits we shall know them. Dave you are evil you want them to go and arrest him? Do you know how many people the evil governor and his terrorists soldiers and police have massacred in this young man's village?

  4. You are now creating problems to you and your family tomorrow it look as if your village people were pushing you, well I wish you rip by the time you will get what you are looking for mumu man

  5. Guy what is wrong with you are you against freedom fighters who are not kidnapper why are you saying that his information is enough for police to trace him why not let your police to track the kidnappers

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