"Time for a national dialogue to thrash out sore points in Nigeria" -Tanwa Ashiru

2 weeks ago

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US Air Force veteran and Intelligence expert, Tanwa Ashiru, talks about insecurity and possible solutions.

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The Struggle Continues

30 thoughts on “"Time for a national dialogue to thrash out sore points in Nigeria" -Tanwa Ashiru”

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so shekau now detonated himself … ludicrous … this is like Hollywood. In two months Shekau will come out again … six lives, three to go. I guess nobody cares about the Yoruba soldiers that blew up in that plane with this chief of staff tasked to go and destroy the east … after his last three military failures. The Yorubas are leaving , you can sit down with whoever the hell you want to sit down with but we are leaving !

  2. All this grammar just to avoid saying that certain aspects of government and security forces are working hand in hand with the terrorists / bandits in the country. You don't need to go to the best school to know that, you just need to reason properly.

  3. Education with no jobs is an effort in futility. Nigeria needs a strong manufacturing sector & a thriving agricultural sector instead of the current service based industries built around petroleum sector. More factories, less shopping malls!

  4. Speaking too much English is not the solution of Nigeria for now… the only solution to Nigeria problem to save more lives is the full Disintegration of Nigeria for good…. all this English will lead us no where… at the end we will still come back at the same table with more English without meaningful impacts to ordinary citizens….

  5. Who be dis sef? Another "let's all come together" apostle? So because u've started seeing ur period, u think everyone in the world just entered puberty? Omo girl u re at least 10yrs old…some have called for talks for year, carried flags and resorted to shooting (igbos), others have been calling for talks for years and just started carrying flags (yorubas) and u re still telling us to come together? The terrorists that have captured nigeria clearly don't wanna talk, so what do we do? The showore style…so they'll be using demonstrators for shooting practice without consequence?

  6. My dear is not the youth that found boko haram, please be objective to the questions directed to you it's nigeria federal govt that found boko haram and beyond insecurity in Nigeria. When you talk about education, the educated ones are not been allowed to preside over the sovereignty of Nigeria. What's your president qualifications and most of the senators in national assembly, before you can talk about education first, justice must be seeing done to every state in Nigeria. Education is the key to every success in life and beyond education, and there's more to education which is practical life and not theory and always quoting someone books that has no effect in African continent at large, non African continent has been able to built their own private jets, and producing of weapons and beyond etc. … when it comes to education nigeria is far behind because we do not seek the rightful education in Africa and most especially in Nigeria. And my only submission African should stopped depending on western world. They will never give them the rightful knowledge to become amongst the world powers block, and the only solution to Nigeria is to impeach president buhari and restructure Nigeria with immediate effect and there will be competition across the regions and beyond, president buhari is the causes of insecurity in Nigeria today, the worst govt ever in the history of Nigeria

  7. What do you want to save?
    There is no way to save Nigeria
    Let my middle belt people go
    There is nothing like one Nigeria
    Pls let everyone go his way

  8. The situation in Nigeria now has absolutely nothing to do with education, if someone well educated like guest speaker of the program continue to believe that education is the solution, then it seems to me like she does not have any idea about what is happening now in Nigeria.

  9. Speaking English and being esoteric are not the solutions to our insecurity. The solutions are 1. True federalism by way of restructuring. 2. Curbing corruption. 3. Being true to ourselves.

  10. her analysis are all wrong .. she thinks the bandits and kidnappers are from lack of education… she thinks Nigeria is one of does African nation that lacks education

  11. This gilr is talking a lot of sense, yet seems almost deliberately sidesteping certain issues. To start with, right from the time of Jonathan, it's common knowledge that BokoHaram sponsors or sympathisers have infiltrated the government (be it military, police or ministers). With that, no amount of intelligence will solve terrorism in Nigeria.

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