Torture and murdered on beach in South African (Culture vs Animal Rights)

6 months ago

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This video is just to highlight the hypocrisy of humanity.

We are willing to torture and murder innocent animals – then we consume their flesh. However, we dont want to see the murder when it happens right infront of us. We bitch and moan about animal rights while we chomp down on a piece of Mcdonalds horse patty.
Yes it is cruel regarding putting a innocent being through torture to make a political point – and this is what it was, it was not a religious it was political. The ancestors would have been satisfied with the killing 100m away – but the poor animal (which was going to be murdered in any-case to eat) had to be dragged down stairs, pushed and carried through bushes , just to make a point.

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Then our crazy mankind dance, sing and flex to be seen on camera – not taking into consideration that this is actually a living being. If that was another animal (i.e. Dog or Horse) then all the world will be up in arms, but because it was only a “sheep” it is fine to show on the TV and hide behind “racism”.

This whole story started because a private security company requested that beach goers leave the beach @ 20h00 – which is naturally wrong – stating it was due to safety in the area. So what do we do – we think, lets cleanse the place by hurting and eventually killing a sentient being. That will make a point.

The worst is, the animal was so badly hurt with the trip down the road to get to the beach – that people initially through the sheep was dead. Then when she lifted her head pleading once last time, the South African Senior Police officer said – no Kill her, the people have a right to slaughter a animal on the beach. A seriously mind-boggling adventure of tweak probably, with liters of alcohol, can only be the answer for this mind fart.

The rest of the video actually highlights our plain “stoopid”ness as a specie.
1) Killing a animal on the beach is wrong
2) Killing a animal in a building and then eating that same animal is right
3) Riding a animal is right??? (Riding a horse, a sheep or a ostrich is the same)
4) Eating a piece of animal flesh is right, but eating his eyes and head is wrong?
The hypocrisy and level of blissful ignorance is actually a joke.

The worst of all of this is that in the end the animal was killed. The public broadcaster then gives these crazies airtime to rant about racism. This is not racism this is specimen and in a week or 2 the poor animal would be forgotten – as somebody would have eaten the carcass, and all that would remain is a political chess match with nobody talking for the animal.

So this video is here to give some voice to the voiceless.

If you took the time to read this, thank you and hope you make a difference however small.

(I know the watermark is irritating – and I plan to load the clip without it, however I had to get the video out and therefore will re-upload as soon as the software licence is purchased)


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  1. Humanity is reserved for humans. The Bible referred to Negroes as beasts of the field. Darwin referred to them as a sub-class of humans. Whether you believe Religion or Science… One thing is clear, all men are NOT created equal & its time to stop pretending they are.

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