Total W@r finally Declared in South-East, As Biafran Strike

3 weeks ago


The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “Total W@r finally Declared in South-East, As Biafran Strike”

  1. Of course, they will kill him after paying. Was that not the same thing that happened during Nigeria and Biafran war? So I was told when our people will collect money and give out their brother for money?

  2. Total war , is better you accept peace oooh look around the world and see what is happening to their country siria,libiya Iraq don't fo something that you will come and regret it latter on,infact you guys don't have elders or what ,preach peace and embrace it please 🙏

  3. Among the 12 desciples of Jesus Christ was Judas Iscariot. He was the saboteur that collected money after he had betrayed Jesus Christ. We learned that he didn't live to enjoy the money he collected as a tradeoff for doing the sabo work. So shall all the saboteurs in Biafra land go down with the enemies of Biafra.

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