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We are proud
I am proud

Proud of our people, proud of our nation
Proud of a people who, through adversity and against all odds,
Hold firm and fast

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My people are not looking to know if they are francophone or anglophone
My people are simply… Cameroonian

True Cameroonians work
They contribue to the advancement of their nation
True Cameroonians love their country and respect its institutions
True Cameroonians do not reject their identity, but simply wish to enhance it
True Cameroonians do not focus on what divides them, but on all the things that unite them

They cherish their culture, as they do the following words that bring them together:

Mbom, Tara
Yamo Cameroon

The people we met during the making of this film were proud of being Cameroonians first and foremost.


The Struggle Continues

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