Trump Motorcade Gets BLOCKED By Synagogue Mourners

6 months ago

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The people of Pittsburgh weren’t very happy with the news of Donald Trump’s arrival. Sam Seder and the Majority Report crew discuss this.

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The Struggle Continues

42 thoughts on “Trump Motorcade Gets BLOCKED By Synagogue Mourners”

  1. Words straight from the Horse's butt-
    "Melania and I were treated very nicely yesterday in Pittsburgh. The Office of the President was shown great respect on a very sad & solemn day. We were treated so warmly. Small protest was not seen by us, staged far away. The Fake News stories were just the opposite-Disgraceful!"

  2. good on these people, and it's amazing how organic it was, thousands spontaneously mobilize, no way trump's cop buddies can prepare for this. no time to infiltrate protestors and activists, it just arose out of thin air. have we learned something here?

  3. I can understand the rabbi still meeting with trump under the circumstances, but I also love the protests !! A difference between Obama and trump is Obama's approach was, I will do my best to work with your schedule while trump is I don't care about your schedule.

  4. You Americans need to know your President is not sacred. People think we worship the Royal family in Britain when we got a tyrant King once he had to go. Of course I am not suggesting Trump should have his head chopped off times have moved on since then but he needs to be removed from office. Just don't have a civil war over it that's what it came to here . Maybe as a young country you are going through what we did but later .

  5. Please do not come to our city right now. Later fine, but not right now.
    These fucking Jews can't tell me what to do. I'm the fucking president.
    Can trump do anything that isn't about him?

  6. POWER must be confronted by power. That is why the refrain "power to the people" has resonated throughout the centuries. Democracies work best not when "good politicians" are elected and run things. They work best when ordinary people ORGANIZE in mass, hold politicians accountable, and keep them in FEAR.

  7. Ahahahaha where are the coward right wingers attacking Jews. They won't because they are scared of Zionists. You cucks done and fucked up killing the Zionists people. You will be replaced. Everybody knows that white males are the biggest number of terrorists in the US. They are violent and need to be jacked up and searched when a white male is seen.

  8. Good. Combover Caligula was warned that it would not be a good idea for him to come at this time. So if he was aggravated and inconvenienced by the funeral procession, that's his own fault. Nobody wanted his ugly ass there, anyway.

  9. I respect Jews even more now,,for them to not fold to the president shows that we the people hold the power,,,all minorities must come together to fight the devil Trump

  10. With each of Trump's vulgar demonstrations of rude, crude, & prolific disdain for the suffering of all living things, I inevitably think of how those actions, and behaviors of this born dead demon from hell will be documented & preserved for history and posterity!! What a legacy to remind the future world of how low a human can voluntarily sink & continue to have followers & supporters. As I have said before: We are all DEAD and in HELL; it unlikely that humanity can sink any further.

  11. My god that guy is a sociopathic a–hole. It doesn't matter to him how many people he offends he still will ALWAYS try to make himself the center of attention.. He is truly mentally ill.

  12. stunning… even for this solipsistic turd-in-chief… to disrespect and disregard the grievers need for peace and protection with which to mourn…  this orangutan has to shove his rude ass into the mix and drain police forces, making the mourners vulnerable to further drumpf-inspired attacks?  shamefully stunning.  #VOTE2018

  13. He wants to make it all about him,… he never gave afuck about them.
    The only reason he went, was because his advisor told him to.
    Look at the way he treated Puerto Rico. Disgusing.

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