Tweeting to attract world attention to the struggle of SouthernCameroons . Tweet and make an impact.

1 year ago

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This video is aimed at beginners on twitter. It is also aimed at individuals who tweet but with zero impact from their tweets. At the end of this video you will know how to tweet in a way that it will create an impact. Your tweets will have the right hashtags as well as notfy tags.. The compulsory hashtag for our struggle is #FreeSouthernCameroons for every tweet you make.. Capital letters or small letters does not matter but spelling should be exact. #bringbackourinternet is now gaining lots of attention as well so make use of it. Lets tweet and do it for our leaders and freedom fights. All video content that appears on this video belong to original owners and producers. FreeSouthernCameroons is only using the videos to create more awareness. No Copyright of any video or material intended.


The Struggle Continues

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