UDM calls for interim government until next election

1 month ago

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Ebrahim Fakir, Director of Programmes at the Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute, spoke with eNCA’s Dan Moyane. Courtesy of #DStv403


The Struggle Continues

9 thoughts on “UDM calls for interim government until next election”

  1. Heish Comrade! Great idea…but it will not happen…Have you ever heard of a Criminal Gang (like the ANC) who are making HUGE revenues from running rackets giving up their TURF because they care about the PEOPLE??? Of course not! The Comrades are becoming wealthier by the day…They do not think there is a problem… In fact they have to INCREASE the stealing, just in case they lose an election somewhere in the future….

  2. This would be lovely but it is unlikely firstly because the ANC who has a majority vote won't allow it , they still want to feast on public funds like the corrupt clowns they are … also we need to follow our Constitution and not divert from it, unless we amend it in order to have order in our nation … what's happening now as this guy said has not met the requirements which would allow us to move towards an interim government

    It would be lovely though as this would set a precedent which would ensure that parties that act out of order are quickly removed before they bring the whole country down along with the junk they call a political party

    The power is in our hands as the people … come August 2021 we must vote these clowns out of our municipalities , then in 2024 , we must humiliate them and remove them completely so that taps can be closed , then public money will be used to develop the country and not to feed the ANC's greed

  3. I agree. The entire government has been, and is compromised. The current trajectory of this sitting government is of grave concern. The fact that we have zero transparency and zero accountability is and should be the driving factor.
    This government has usurped the masses of their civil liberties under the guise of this fake pandemic.

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