34 thoughts on “UFOKA EUGENE- The long awaited negotiation talks with LRC,2 Countries ready to facilitate the talks”

  1. Ufoka Eugene, don't get it wrong. SCnians are not against the AAGC/AAC3 per se. The big issue is how to get every shade of opinion represented at that conference. The conditions requested by Tumi so as to enable everybody participate have not been heeded to. If every shade of opinion cannot be represented at the conference, the issue of legitimacy will still be problematic.
    Until the Tumi conference holds and is validated , it can not be seen as and "institution".


  2. The IG and Sako should resign and even dissolve it. A new inclusive and elected group should be created. Very nice that you tell all anglophones that the IG cannot take us to Buea. We need to create a union or forum of dialogue. Many angloohones do not seem to understand this. Biya was able to keep the foreign community because he kept manipulating them on the basis that cameroon is very divided.

    Ground Zero is doing more than the IG put together. Sack those anglo-bamis in the IG. They have commercialised the IG and taken it off the path of the revolution.

  3. Tell them: the time of the IG is over. Sako said it that nobody in the international community wants to publicly ally with the IG. Sako knows this. That's why they chopped all the money because they know that the IG is over.

    The real people who have been compromised are in the IG.

  4. Dear u have spoken well but Ambazonia has a leading interim government… tell the groups to get down their high horses and go under the umbrella of oneness under the interim government of the federal republic of Ambazonia…this war will be over fast…back home all grandma's and pa's and kids and youths knows of the IG..but no one even know the names of all the groups that erupted from God knows where?…. plz people put down ur pride and stand behind our president and our government.so we can become one..enough is enough..

  5. Please Eugene are you aware Ambazonia Leaders in diaspora are not save to come in Cameroon talk less sleeping over night in a hotel without being arrested or killed?. Let the meeting take place out of Cameroon to an agreed country then expect all our Leaders to be present.

  6. No use theorizing be a practical situation. Try substituting VENUE for your famous PLATFORM. If Buea is a "no go" area for AAC, is there no other place on planet Earth that does not require the DO's blessing?

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! ' Cock is being used today for sacrifice because it was decided so at a meeting that it failed to attend and make it's own point'. In the AAC are the Federalist and the Unionists, and the left out are the Independenists which of course is the Southern Cameroonians. So we must stand tall and make our point known once the conference is held.

  8. Good for us SnCameroonians to use the AAC Conference to legitimate our stance, but with the Dictator knowing the importance of it, who had in the first place denied it permission and again seeing this move by the Southern Cameroonians grant it the permission since 'it has become like Yaounde is the one that decides who should breath in Ambazonia'

  9. Yes! I think with the stubbornness of the Leaders that every Ambazonians have begged and even threatened to unite but they still stand their ground, this conference if at all the Dictator knowing it potential will allow it to hold, then it gonna be a good platform for Ambazonians to put in place legitimate and internationally recognized Leaders that can talk on behalf of the people. We tired of Mr Akwanga threatening if anything happens to any socadefians, Mr Cho promising hell should anything happens to any ADF Fighter, IG, should anything happens to any member of the ASC and so on, common Leaders it's of no doubt that because of all these your infighting here and there we are still where we are today, but God knows best how to frustrate all that are seeking for Self Glory and He will bring victory to the people that all Glory will come back to Him, and not any of you Leaders. You all better change now.

  10. Many pple don't understand we lost Independence in 1961 bec of disunity. Foncha was talkx LRC n Endeley Nigeria they couldn't agree n speak for SCs independence. Partisan politics has been our historical nightmare. It's happenx again.

  11. I think the AAC is the only way out to silence all this infighting abroad. It should be held abroad and supported by every Southern Cameroonians. Don't let this moment pass us bye. We might add another five years to this struggle if we chose otherwise.

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