UK urged to prevent rise in crime fuelled by economic crisis

8 months ago

The lockdown in the UK led to a large drop in crime but there are fears the economic fallout could reverse that.
London’s mayor is among those urging Prime Minister Boris Johnson to lead efforts to prevent a surge in criminal activity.
Al Jazeera’s Sonia Gallego reports from London.

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The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “UK urged to prevent rise in crime fuelled by economic crisis”

  1. Look how many officers sent for maybe a 2 room flat. We need defunding of police in england too; tax payers money being wasted on useless services like police with more bodies than needed

    Nhs, mental health, schools, youth club centres, waste & recycling – this should be the top priorities, not catching petty criminals

  2. Drug laws to meant to oppress and subjugate the minority by the majority.

    If alcohol and tobacco are legal which are way more dangerous than crack, coke, meth, acid, etc… then nothing should be illegal.

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