UN, African Union and the European Union please STEP IN TO SOLVE THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS CRISIS

1 year ago

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I have said that we should bypass these leaders who are hungry poor individuals living in the west without work and thus feed on donations as if they are hungry wolfs. Very sad and sad while others are dying. This revolution struggle is in the wrong hands. Sako, accountability is a must or you go and give room for others to lead.


The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “UN, African Union and the European Union please STEP IN TO SOLVE THE SOUTHERN CAMEROONIANS CRISIS”

  1. you are still 'begging' the EU , AU and UN to help?… what value do you have? be realistic, those organizations don't see two Cameroons, they see one Cameroon even though we don't agree with their view.
    Everybody wants to look important in front of a camera… Its this same attitude that made the IG and the revolution fall on its face in just 1 week after a unity conference.
    People who do things don't talk and need attention every minute… Empty vessels make the loudest noise.

  2. What is the difference of your video from others you just named? We don't care about what a US or Nigerian senator says. We want the way forward and not constant washing of dirty linens in public. The destiny of Ambazonia is in the hands of only Ambazonians. I hope you watch this video, how helpful is this to the struggle? All these videos and audios madness needs to stop.

  3. I have nothing against this guy but you should notice that he got a visit from other ambazonians who are trying to have good time, going to school, spending huge amount of money to do so, when people are in the bush suffering, without food, no futur, children staying iddle and ready for all nnonsence things
    Ambazonians should wake up and request the same amount of sicrifice that those that are far should at least give one tenth of their salary every month to assist those back home or they should stop talkig

  4. People at ground zero should fight their own fight the fight for a better futur, a country in which they will have freedom and a better futur for their kids , that country should bear any name be it cameroon or ambazonia or whatever ,
    ask yourself what do you need from the country , a country with your culture education, democracy and the responsible government choosen by the people , how do you achieve that for you and not for leaders
    the leaders are not mature enough to understand that no organisations on earth can recognise you, soudan, erythria etc… had to fight for long time
    you need to analyse the situation to see if there is any reason for such fight or if it might be advisable to move step by step without killing all your kids

  5. another stupid thing, you talk about elections what is scientifically the impact of elections in the movement? this movement is made of some kind of stupid people,
    how can they trade elections for their cause ? they should think about that
    they should give value to the lives of those dying , they should have real reasons for dying
    explain to me what is the impact of election in amba, … remember that you are the only people on earth considering it as a country so it is not like going to Nigeria to carry elections until the country is free and managed by the revolution, it is still cameroon ,
    another thing, what are you doing to administer the part of the country that you win… do you have a new programs for people to go to school do you have the money to pay salaries? WHO WILL YOU BE TRADING WITH FOR THE MEAN TIME? Nigeria surely no so my friends where do you expect to manage the country as you could gradually be occupying part of it , where will the money come from if 50000$ can create what we saw in US
    nobody on earth will support you even in the next 20 years so be ready to stay in the bush for at least that long

  6. If you think by making this video is helping then you are certainly deluded. The bashing of IG must end. What is the point of being critical others without providing alternatives. This struggle is not show biz.

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