UN Peacekeeping: A commitment to peace

3 years ago

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United Nations – The need for UN Peacekeeping has never been greater. Today’s UN Peacekeeping missions are unprecedented in scale of operation and scope of mandates with over 125,000 peacekeepers deployed in four continents.

Recognizing the importance of UN Peacekeeping to international peace and security, on 28 September 2015 the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and U.S. President Barack Obama join over 50 heads of state and government representatives to announce significant new contributions.

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The Leaders’ Summit on Peacekeeping is co-chaired by Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Japan, The Netherlands, Pakistan, Rwanda, Uruguay and the United States.

Website: http://www.un.org/en/peacekeeping/about/dpko/


The Struggle Continues

30 thoughts on “UN Peacekeeping: A commitment to peace”

  1. Fun fact: the U.S. only deploys 80 peace keepers as of right now they obviously need to step up their game, I mean, look at Bangladesh with 9,432 peacekeepers. WHY YOU NO HAVE PEACEKEEPERS U.S.‽

  2. UN est à la base de biens de conflits en Afrique, c'est l'armée des pays développé tel que la FRANCE, USA et autre pour sucer l'économie des pays pauvre d'afrique. ONU ne fait plus son travail ds le monde. C'est une machine qui tue maintenant donc laissez nous avec votre affaire de ONU là !! On est fatigué !!

  3. If you call kidnapping and raping the local women and children and getting away with it under immunity a form of "peacekeeping"; and the need for a world wide human trafficking market; then yes UN "peacekeepers" are needed today more than ever!

  4. The U.N. want's a tyrannical one world government!!!! The U.N. gets nothing done and is run by an unelected elite of bureaucrats who want world domination and control by spreading division all over the world!!!!!!

  5. the un is useless as we can see in the middle east. every nation needs to arm itself with
    nuclear weapons and learn to use them to deter bullying by other nations or entities.
    people only respect you if you point a gun in their face. sad but true

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