Understanding “Secession” and “Separation”: Southern Cameroons Case ” In 1964 when Zanzibar and Tan…

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Understanding “Secession” and “Separation”: Southern Cameroons Case

” In 1964 when Zanzibar and Tanganyika came together to form the United Republic of Tanzania, there was a signed union treaty and the instruments of ratification were adopted by the parliament of Tanganyika and Zanzibar making the union legal under international law and the said instruments were addressed to the UN Secretariat in accordance with article 102 of the UN Charter. That is why in the case of Tanzania if Zanzibar wants to leave that union, it can be called “secession”. The case of Cameroon is different because, in 1961, the incompetent people involved never thought of signing a formal union treaty and sending the instruments of ratification to the UN Secretariat. That means that for 55 years we have merely engaged in an informal cohabitation. Consequently, the decision of the Southern Cameroons to become independent can be termed “separation” but not “secession”: This distinction is important because the Cameroon problem will soon go back to the UN Security Council for consideration because Paul Biya is the one who has made it inevitable. In the process of separation, the UN Security Council must make certain things possible in order to avoid a wider crisis which will engulf even Nigeria..” Nfor N Susungi

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The Struggle Continues

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