University of Bamenda Students kidnapped by AmbaBoys

6 months ago

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At least twelve students of the University of Bamenda were kidnapped on Saturday Dec 8 as the institution was graduation its eighth batch of students.

The students were picked up by the armed Ambazonia Fighters (AmbaBoys) as they were on their way to campus and ferried to an unidentified location where they have been held till date.

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The gunmen (AmbaBoys) later released a video on Monday December 10 showing the faces of the students and issuing what they describe as a last warning to any student of the University who insist on going to school.

The gunmen (AmbaBoys) said in the video they were going to release the students but threatened any other student “caught” by them will be beheaded.


The Struggle Continues

6 thoughts on “University of Bamenda Students kidnapped by AmbaBoys”

  1. please do not believe the author of this video. He is paid by LRC govt to sabotage the anglophone revolution which is already reaping cameroon apart.

    This guy is an anglo-bami and not an anglophone. A devil in his core. Useless bami pickin.

  2. Many thanks Ma KONTRI PiPO DEM. This is terrorism, full stop. Ambazonia is not giving freedom to anglophones. It is giving all kinds of abominable bondage to anglophone Cameroon.

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