UNO Shines Shimmering Points of Light on Paul Biya's Murderous Genocide in Ambazonia

4 months ago

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Our mission is to motivate, train, inform, and lead a new power generation of pioneers, fit individuals, the strong breed, to change Africa politically, socially, and economically.

For over one year, we have used SPEAK OF AFRICA, our TV show, to shed light on the barbarism of an African dictator called Paul Biya. It is heart-warming to realize that, at long last, the United Nations Organization has decided to table the issue of genocide in Cameroun.

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In this video, we discuss the suffering of the people of Cameroun, and we outline a path to inclusive, genuine, and meaningful peace. How many more people Paul Biya has to kill before you care? Where is your conscience? Please, watch and share this video with your friends today!


The Struggle Continues

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